Black Friday.. if you please

09017_blackfridaysaleIt’s that time of year where our minds are cluttered with the anxiety of ‘shop now before it’s too late’, American ads are filling up our commercial breaks and Macy’s thanksgiving day parade and the excitement of lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree are somehow making us feel nostalgic. All in time for Black Friday Shopping!

Regardless of the reason – who doesn’t like a good sale?! Read on for the top 5 Black Friday online sales and some tips on how to be organized so you don’t over buy and get more than you bargained for!

Black Friday is made for the big items that you can wait to purchase. For me this year it’s a new mattress. You can save up to $1100 if you buy your mattress from Home Outfitters with their Weekly Flyer. But enough of the boring Black Friday purchases…

Here are my picks for top Black Friday online shops:
1) – almost anything! 
2) Best Buy – best electronics
3) Modcloth – best trendy clothes and shoes
4) Macy’s – best general shopping
5) Indigo! – best seasonal inspired gifts

If you’re doing your Christmas shopping on Black Friday, the obvious way to get organized is to make a list. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a lister, if you’ve got everything listed, you can’t fail. List the people you’re buying for, the store it’s in, the budget and time you need to buy. If you make this list on your computer rather than writing it out, you can pre-save the links and when it comes time to shop online – all you need to do is click! 

Here are 5 tips to save time and peace of mind while shopping in-store on Black Friday:
1) Go the week before the sales start and try everything on, make sure you know what size you want.
2) Make a separate list for each store you need to go into. If you’re extremely organized, you can categorize that even further by which section of the store to visit first and map your way back out strategically.
3) Go with friends or family and divvy up the list – meet back at an arranged time.
4) Since you’re already taking friends with you to divvy up the list, you may as well designate someone to wait in line.
5) Shop Early! Most stores have extended Black Friday to a few days. If you get there on the first day of their sale, not only will you have more selection but you just may beat the insanity of Friday itself.

I hope my tips have helped and given you some great ideas! Happy Shopping!



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