My Home is in My Heart ❤ How To Live Simply Wherever You Are










This was my first trip home during the summer in 3 years. I forgot how much I love Ontario summers.. the heat, humidity, warm nights…

When I was a teenager, turning 18 could not come fast enough – I wanted to go as far away from home as I possibly could. I was curious and I wanted more than I thought a small town could offer. So, I got on a plane for the first time in my life, heading somewhere I’d never been, with no idea what to expect, completely on my own.

Though I would not take those experiences back for anything, this past trip home really got me thinking about what is important in my own life. There is something enchanting about living in a small town. And I’ve realized, if you’re not careful – living in a city for so long can make you lose sight of the beauty in simplicity. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time…

whitehaven-beach-VROnce upon a time, I spent a good amount of time on Hamilton Island and it is everything these fairy tale pictures suggest!
I spent a year in Australia on a working holiday visa and I was lucky enough to have a friend that worked on Hamilton Island. The hotel is stunning and honestly more luxurious than you could even imagine. Staff and service was always on point and you are literally in paradise.


The very first time I went snorkeling was on the great barrier reef and I was terrified! I love this picture because it’s exactly how I experienced it. Well except for the fact that the person holding my hand was a total stranger. And I almost didn’t go out because of my intense fear of swimming where I can’t touch the bottom. And of course, the sharks! So this lovely woman that I had never met said to me “would it help if I went in with you and held your hand”? Continue reading