If you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it?

Wish for changeMake the jump, they say. Take risks, they say. Listen to your heart, they say. These are all things I think I know and practice and certainly preach. But for a while I just wasn’t feeling it like I used to. I wrote a blog about living simply in the city and knew that content like the back of my hand. And I thought I was living it, but the connection didn’t feel full circle . Something was still missing. Then, I made a fairly big change. I came back to my hometown just before Christmas and never left. Continue reading

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Giveaway!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I am SO excited to firstly introduce you to these AMAZING bags by Khelman. I stumbled upon her instagram account because I love leather bags and I love love love handmade and unique pieces even more!

And secondly announce that I’ve teamed up with Khelman bags for my first giveaway! Read on to find out how you can win this bag ❤ Continue reading

Black Friday.. if you please

09017_blackfridaysaleIt’s that time of year where our minds are cluttered with the anxiety of ‘shop now before it’s too late’, American ads are filling up our commercial breaks and Macy’s thanksgiving day parade and the excitement of lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree are somehow making us feel nostalgic. All in time for Black Friday Shopping!

Regardless of the reason – who doesn’t like a good sale?! Read on for the top 5 Black Friday online sales and some tips on how to be organized so you don’t over buy and get more than you bargained for! Continue reading

White After Labour Day?


With the World’s best fashion weeks wrapping up this week, it’s got me thinking fashion. And it’s Labour Day, is it time to put your whites away?

For the last three years in a row, Vogue Magazine has written about who’s wearing white after Labour Day and ways to wear it. This year the article featured Katie Holmes in head-to-toe H&M Studio white – and she looks great! You can see the article HERE. Continue reading

White Wash Painting!


I like projects. I like feeling like I have something to do.. I will often create things to do just to keep me from annoying those around me out of boredom (genuinely a favourite past time of mine). I’ve had this ottoman for years, and though I knew it was getting worn – I didn’t want to let go of it. Initially I thought I would reupholster the leather but once I took it all off, I liked the grain of the wood – so I decided to do a white wash paint.

Another thing about me – if I don’t need to spend money on something, I like doing it even more! So I went down to the disposal section in my building (aka; one man’s treasure) and I actually found two cans of white paint. Then I went back upstairs and did a little google search and the rest is pictured below! Continue reading

My Home is in My Heart ❤ How To Live Simply Wherever You Are










This was my first trip home during the summer in 3 years. I forgot how much I love Ontario summers.. the heat, humidity, warm nights…

When I was a teenager, turning 18 could not come fast enough – I wanted to go as far away from home as I possibly could. I was curious and I wanted more than I thought a small town could offer. So, I got on a plane for the first time in my life, heading somewhere I’d never been, with no idea what to expect, completely on my own.

Though I would not take those experiences back for anything, this past trip home really got me thinking about what is important in my own life. There is something enchanting about living in a small town. And I’ve realized, if you’re not careful – living in a city for so long can make you lose sight of the beauty in simplicity. Continue reading