If you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it?

Wish for changeMake the jump, they say. Take risks, they say. Listen to your heart, they say. These are all things I think I know and practice and certainly preach. But for a while I just wasn’t feeling it like I used to. I wrote a blog about living simply in the city and knew that content like the back of my hand. And I thought I was living it, but the connection didn’t feel full circle . Something was still missing. Then, I made a fairly big change. I came back to my hometown just before Christmas and never left.

I had a good job, with really good people and they even let me work remotely for the time being. But ultimately they wanted me back in the office and I just couldn’t make myself do it. Everything happens for a reason, they say. So here I am, feeling like a stranger in the place I grew up with no idea where these next few months will take me. And oddly (or not?) that excites me. That little taste of working remotely again reminded me why I got into the field I did and how I needed to focus and try harder to make that dream my reality again.

Circumstances brought me here but an inclination to stay and explore change kept me here. I believe that was the missing link for me, that feeling of nervous uncertainty and excitement I used to live by. For the first time in a long time, I decided to be decisive and listened to the quiet little voice in the back of my mind. The family time that I’ve had has been invaluable and I already wouldn’t trade that for the world. I guess sometimes it’s the quietest voice that has the answer, you just need to listen harder.

So, stay tuned – I suspect the next little while will be filled with good things and a lot of adventure!


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