Fun, Festival Fashion… part II

I promised to show you how a scarf would quite possibly be your most used item of clothing at a festival. But after having gone to my first festival of the season last weekend, it doesn’t seem all that fun anymoreBandana. It seems a scarf would be too much clothing if all festival fashion is in line with Pemberton 2016.


My favourite artist right now is Halsey. I love her music, voice and her rawness. She opened the festival season at Coachella with a white one piece bodysuit, and I thought that was bold! At Pemberton, she had a two piece bikini on and I couldn’t help but think that the festival fashion this year had a little Halsey inspo…  I just want to remind festival goers that she is a performer, providing us the entertainment.

I believe this to be a delicate subject because accepting every body with respect is an issue that is being heavily pressed by Gen Z’ers, and though I truly commend them for that – I would like to say, there shouldn’t need to be such a fine line between accepting/being proud of your body and exploiting it. Leaving something for the imagination will never go out of style ladies!

Like I said in my first festival post, if you wouldn’t wear it in your normal, everyday life – there is no need to wear it at a festival – Be you and be comfortable doing it!

I am going to list the uses of a scarf still… in hopes that someone, somewhere out there, still sides with boho inspired festival fashion like me.

  1. A shirt. A very cute bandana like shirt. Fold it in half (triangular) and tie the longest pieces around your back, point down in the front. Et voila, bandana shirt.IMG_3219
  2. A bandana or head scarf. This is perfect for festivals because the shower line is so damn long!
  3. A vest. This is my fave. I will link a YouTube tutorial HERE (this isn’t me,  my own videos will come shortly). Thank you The DIY Mommy!

…At least my heart sunglasses (BP from Nordstrom) were still a hit… You can buy them online HERE!


And the one thing I never go anywhere without – my Dior Lip Glow proved to be a quick “it’s too hot in a tent to put make up on” fix! It enhances your natural lip colour while still looking natural. My secret to feeling good while “roughing it”.

So that’s my festival post. For now anyway…



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