Halloween Must Do’s!

Pink Pumpkins. They do exist! They’re called Porcelain Doll F1 Pink Pumpkins. And I love them! Not to mention a very modern and cute way to decorate for Halloween, which happens to be one of my favourite festivities!

Read on for all the Halloween inspiration you’ll need!




Here are two articles with very cute, modern and of course, a little odd ways to decorate with your pumpkins!
1) Cosmopolitan
2) Chatelaine

If you do open your pumpkin, one of my favourite things is roasting the seed! Here is a simple, delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver.
And of course, #PSeverything. Literally add this recipe to anything and everything!

And I love love love costumes and I love DIY costumes even more – so I’ve pulled together my top 5 DIY costumes for this year!

  1. My favourite DIY is Lauren Conrad’s circus performer, so fun and you will still look cute!
  2. Check out @lechichicboom’s guide – so simple and cute!
  3. I love the idea of emoji costumes! This one is so easy to pull together and you will look great, thanks to Henkaa Blog!
  4. I was a Unicorn a few years back, and I made the costume. Sadly, I don’t have any post worthy photos but I do love the costume! I used a piece of paper to construct my horn, with lots of glitter and of course tulle! Here are some horn ideas on Pinterest – but create your own version, it’s fun!
  5. And you can never go wrong with “Day of the Dead”! I found this tutorial on YouTube and I love her style!

I hope you found something here, Happy Halloween!


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