White After Labour Day?


With the World’s best fashion weeks wrapping up this week, it’s got me thinking fashion. And it’s Labour Day, is it time to put your whites away?

For the last three years in a row, Vogue Magazine has written about who’s wearing white after Labour Day and ways to wear it. This year the article featured Katie Holmes in head-to-toe H&M Studio white – and she looks great! You can see the article HERE.

Being someone that doesn’t necessarily like being given “rules”, this one in particular has always bothered me. The rule started early in the 20th century and is suspected to have started innocently enough because it was simply less hot to wear white in the summer. Then it became fashionable and symbolic for wealthy New Yorkers as resort wear when they left the city in the summer to vacation. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that it became a societal class distinction. The elite used this unspoken rule to differentiate themselves from common people that didn’t know any better. And that is where my problem with the rule lies. Why would we still conform to rules that were made when women couldn’t even vote and then upheld by stuffy, pretentious elites?

I can understand the faux pas of wearing summer styles in colder weather, it just doesn’t look right. But for me, I think it has more to do with textiles and fabric than the colour of it. If you have a nice sweater or cozy scarf that is stark white – I think it has an alluring look in the winter (probably because it’s been flagged taboo)! But I’d say, as long as you’re not wearing your easy breezy white eyelet lace cotton spaghetti strap dress in the middle of winter – go for it!

Here is the article that Vogue posted last year, and there are so many styles that are white and look amazing for winter!

Here are some stark white items for this winter that I love, click to shop!


Modcloth – Go With the Snow Sweater


Dr. Martens – Toastiest Trot Boot


Paul & Joe Sister – Sartorial Saunter Cape









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