White Wash Painting!


I like projects. I like feeling like I have something to do.. I will often create things to do just to keep me from annoying those around me out of boredom (genuinely a favourite past time of mine). I’ve had this ottoman for years, and though I knew it was getting worn – I didn’t want to let go of it. Initially I thought I would reupholster the leather but once I took it all off, I liked the grain of the wood – so I decided to do a white wash paint.

Another thing about me – if I don’t need to spend money on something, I like doing it even more! So I went down to the disposal section in my building (aka; one man’s treasure) and I actually found two cans of white paint. Then I went back upstairs and did a little google search and the rest is pictured below!



What you need:
– sand paper
– paint brush
– paint tray
– mixing stick (or if you have wooden spoons you don’t want anymore.. 😉 )
– old cloth material (I used an old white sheet)

Step 1:
Demolish. This was the fun part!

Step 2:
Sand it down so that it’s smooth all over. Take off the legs and place it on a protected surface – it helps it you have something that you can use to lift it.

Step 3:
Mix two parts paint to two parts water ( I was luck y because I had old paint I didn’t care about, so I just added the water directly to the paint can). Stir the paint. I noticed that the paint I used settled the the bottom fairly quickly so I had to mix it quite frequently – but the end result was the same as any paint!

Step 4:
Apply one coat of paint to your clean surface! I chose to use a bristle brush (I tried a roller brush but it went on too thick). Once you’ve applied your first coat, take your cloth and wipe the paint very gently and go with the grain of the wood. Do small sections (that make sense, I did the top and then each side separately) so the paint doesn’t dry!
You can play around with the cloth and what look you like best!


Step 5:
Check for inconsistencies – the paint I used may have been a little too watery, so it took some light sanding and a few coats for me to get the look I wanted 🙂
I used a different brush for the legs, I wanted the coat to be thicker. I used a sponge brush and it seemed to work fine!


Step 6:
Let it dry, put the legs back on.. And be proud that you made it yourself!



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